Douglas State Forest

Douglas State Forest – Douglas, MA

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Douglas State Forest – Douglas, MA – is loaded with family friendly hiking and fun adventures. Parking is Free in many places but some do require a fee or a state park pass.

Tri-State Marker – Borders of Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island We parked off Southwest Main Street, across from High Street in Douglas, MA. The trailhead has 6 larger boulders in front of it. This trail brings you to the SNETT. From there, we went right and followed it to the Tri-State Trail. This trail is rocky and a little steep. From the marker there are several trails you can take. We went back to the SNETT and took a side trail to an old dam. The round trip was about 2.25 miles.

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Hermit Caves – Thompson, CT We visited two. The first is pretty hidden. It has no trail or parking. We found it because our “tour guide” took us there. The second is an easy find. Head south on Southwest Main Street into Thompson, CT and park at the Air Line Trail State Park. Cross the street and head towards Massachusetts on the SNETT. At the bridge, take the path on the left along the foundation. At the top, go left and follow towards the road. The cave is on your left.

The Big Fill – Douglas State Forest, Douglas, MA Lastly, we went back into Douglas State Forest and parked at the Grand Trunk Trail. As the elevation drops, the trail stays level as the valley was filled to keep the train bed flat. Look for abandoned cars at the bottom. Be sure to Smash the LIKE button and Subscribe to my channel. Leave me a comment about this or another adventure. And please share!